Nutrient Management

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Nutrient Management Plan Development

Nutrient management plans help you increase the efficiency of all the nutrient sources a crop uses while reducing your environmental impact. We develop customized nutrient management plans using field-specific soil analysis and facility-specific waste analysis along with projected crop rotations and yields. Manure application rates are either nitrogen based for fields with low phosphorous levels or phosphorous based for fields with higher phosphorous levels. Once determined, we provide field specific application rates for both solid and liquid waste.

Soil Sampling with GPS Mapping

SEC has an in‐cab, hydraulic soil sampler unit installed in a pick‐up truck that collects samples, taking only seconds to pull a 24‐inch sample. Being mounted in the cab of our truck also allows us to pull the samples without having to get in and out of the truck for each sample. It puts all the weight of the truck directly over the probe, so we can pull samples through frost or packed alfalfa ground without any problems. All samples are tagged and mapped with their GPS coordinates, so we can return to the same location in subsequent years to collect additional samples.

Satellite Imagery, Soil Type and Topographic Mapping

Each nutrient management plan contains several maps of each of the land application fields – satellite aerial imagery, soil type, and topography maps. The maps show the locations of the land application fields in relation to the facility and include information such as field name, legal description, number of spreadable acres, and areas of restricted waste application due to the close proximity to surface water.

Monthly Operations Reports

Monthly operations reports are used to record waste application in addition to precipitation and the freeboard levels in lagoons. Our team can review or complete the monthly operations reports. Reviewing the monthly reports allows us to monitor how close the facility is following their approved nutrient management plan and prevent potential over application of waste.

Annual Reports and Updates

Annual reports summarize the waste application on a facility’s fields for the year and ensure the facility applied waste following the approved nutrient management plan. They also document any exported waste.

Liquid and Solid Waste Sampling

SEC can collect the waste samples needed to complete your nutrient management plan. We use a telescoping swing sampler to collect liquid waste samples from lagoons and a soil auger to collect solid waste samples from manure stockpiles. These methods ensure we’re getting a representative sample of the waste.