Watershed Services

Healthy Watersheds Yield Ecosystem and Economic Benefits

Engineering Design

We provide engineering designs and plans for new dams and associated conservation measures for watershed districts and other sponsors in Kansas. We also offer engineering designs and plans for repair and maintenance of existing dams and structures.

Formal Inspections

The Kansas Department of Agriculture, Division of Water Resources (KDA-DWR) regulates dams in Kansas and requires owners of high hazard (class C) and significant hazard dams (class B) dams to have a qualified engineer conduct periodic dam inspections. For high hazard dams, the inspection must be done every three years. For significant hazard dams, an inspection must be done every five years. We conduct these inspections and provide the necessary inspection report for submittal to KDA-DWR.

Operation and Maintenance Inspections

We conduct operation and maintenance (O&M) inspections for:

  • Public or private dams
  • Dams of all class sizes and hazard classifications
  • Annual O&M inspections
  • Inspections after extreme storm events or other events that can cause damage
  • Miscellaneous inspections

We complete the necessary inspection forms for Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), Kansas Department of Agriculture’s Division of Conservation (KDA-DOC), Watershed Districts and others as appropriate and will assist with any follow-up action as necessary.

Contracting Officer Services

We provide services for watershed districts associated with the duties of “contracting officer” as required by state statutes. The contracting officer's primary duties are to handle the administrative procedures necessary in the construction of flood detention dams.