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Erosion Control

Powered by Filtrexx®: Sustainable Environmental Consultants Is Your Trusted Partner in Erosion Control

Whether your erosion issues are influenced by the weather or human activities, erosion can be an environmental issue and a threat to your project compliance. At Sustainable Environmental Consultants, we are committed to assisting the construction and agriculture industries, plus utilities and municipalities, in delivering high-performance erosion control and stormwater compliance products and solutions, using Filtrexx® Sustainable Technologies.

As a certified Filtrexx® manufacturer in Kansas, Iowa, and Texas, and providing service to neighboring states, we can manufacture and distribute the entire line of Filtrexx® products to help you achieve carbon footprint reduction, LEED certification, and more.

Filtrexx® products use recycled organic wastes, such as wood chips and compost, to mimic nature to our advantage in their functionality, minimizing this waste from entering our landfills. And, because we source and manufacture the compost-based products locally, it reduces carbon emissions due to a reduction in transportation, shipping, and freight.

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The environmental impacts of sedimentation and stormwater runoff can lead to polluted runoff into local streams, lakes, and wetlands compromising water quality and causing flooding, erosion, and habitat destruction. At Sustainable Environmental Consultants, we know how important it is for perimeter control to stop sediment from leaving your job site.

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Your customers want to see demonstrated environmental responsibility. Our innovative EcoPractices® platform, along with our product solutions partner Filtrexx®, provides third-party verification and environmental metrics associated with the Filtrexx® product line. We generate comprehensive reports on the environmental benefits of using a superior sustainable management practice.

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When a tree service trims a tree, the trimmings can go one of three routes: mulch, compost, or landfill. At Sustainable Environmental Consultants, we take the mulched wood chips and fill them into sediment control Filtrexx® SiltSoxx™. SiltSoxx™ is designed to prevent erosion, and each one installed at a job site gives trees a second life, protects our water quality, and protects the environment.

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