Story of the Wood Chip

At Sustainable Environmental Consultants, We Give Wood Chips a Second Life

Shannon Lux

“As SEC’s Erosion Control Operations Manager, I am proud of the work we do because I know we are making a difference for the environment. We recycled 10,000 cubic yards of wood chips last year, reusing them for a new purpose.”

- Shannon Lux, Operations Manager

When a tree service trims a tree, the trimmings can go one of three routes:

  • Mulch
  • Compost
  • Landfill

At Sustainable Environmental Consultants, we take the mulched wood chips and fill them into sediment control Filtrexx® SiltSoxx™.

SiltSoxx™ is designed to prevent erosion, and each one installed at a job site:

  • forest

    Gives trees a second life

  • bathtub

    Keeps our water clean

  • waterways

    Protects the environment

We recycle three cubic yards of wood chips for every pallet of SiltSoxx™

SiltSoxx™ is cut open when a project is complete to allow the wood chips to blend into the soil and break down into organic matter repurposing waste and adding carbon back into our soil for positive environmental impacts.

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