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SEC Announces Industry Changing R3™ ROI Tool for Regenerative Agriculture Practices

March 17, 2022

WEST DES MOINES, Iowa March 17, 2022 – Sustainable Environmental Consultants (SEC), a sustainability verification provider for agriculture has announced the release of their new R3™ ROI Tool to provide farmers and the supply chains they serve with customized data about the financial and environmental benefits of implementing regenerative agriculture practices.

“Consumers are passionate about the environmental impact of their food and this tool will help meet increasing consumer demands by placing a tangible value on implementing regenerative agriculture practices,” said Doug McCorkle, Chief Science Officer, Sustainable Environmental Consultants. “The R3™ ROI Tool is bridging the gap between purpose and profit.”

The first-of-its-kind tool, created in collaboration with Danone North America, is designed to give farmers a comprehensive view of their operations and forecast the return on investment of personalized sustainability and regenerative agriculture practices to drive increased adoption.

Using SEC’s EcoPractices® web-based platform, the R3™ ROI Tool serves as a benchmarking and comparison tool which uses farm-specific verified data to show the projected impact of change in farming practices, such as manure usage, tillage type, and cover crop implementation, allowing farmers to evaluate their specific operations.

“We understand the opportunity within our soil and the importance of regenerative practices and what they can unlock, environmentally and now financially, along with our responsibility to advance a sustainable and resilient future,” said Jennifer Simpson, Director of Agriculture, Danone North America.

The R3™ – Robust, Resilient, Reliable – ROI Tool, proposes targeted practices in conjunction with SEC’s Sustainable Continuous Improvement Plan™ (SCIP) which provides opportunities for farmers to advance regenerative agriculture practices on their farms. The plans are built using SECs independent third-party data with the goal of giving farmers credit for their current sustainability practices while providing science-based short and medium-term goals for improving their environmental impact. Once a practice is selected, the R3™ ROI Tool provides models with forecasted returns on investment to help farmers understand the potential financial impacts regenerative agriculture can have on their farm to enable decision making and prioritization.

“Until now, implementing regenerative agriculture practices implied farmers would lose out on profits. This tool provides the data needed to help farmers and food companies make informed decisions to improve their environmental impact and profits,” said McCorkle. “Our R3™ ROI Tool will help increase regenerative agriculture adoption while keeping farm viability in mind.”

About Sustainable Environmental Consultants

Established in 2008, Sustainable Environmental Consultants is part of the Wright Service Corp. employee-owned family of companies. Since its inception, SEC has endeavored to be a leader in providing innovative solutions to better the planet through sustainability risk management, third-party data reporting and verification, and agricultural compliance and engineering. We provide a full range of environmental services needed by food companies and their agriculture supply systems. To learn more, visit