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EcoPractices® Platform

Our best-in-class verification and quantification platform provides data to support your sustainability goals and claims.

Powered by our EcoPractices Platform

Our EcoPractices platform is the engine behind Sustainable Environmental Consultants’ (SEC) comprehensive sustainability solutions. EcoPractices is an independent platform which provides measurable solutions to help supply chain partners meet their sustainability goals and provide data to support their sustainability initiatives. As an independent 3rd party, we take pride in providing transparent sustainability data with the sole purpose of improving the environment.

Solutions offered through our EcoPractices platform include:

On-Farm Sustainability Reports

Comprehensive reports which set benchmarks and measure on-farm regenerative agriculture practices and their environmental impacts and outcomes.

Sustainable Continuous Improvement Plan™

Plans include both short- and long-term goals based on the environmental impact analysis to address specific on-farm goals at the operational level and provides recommendations to help further continuous improvement.

R3™ ROI Tool

Our web application bridges the gap between profit and purpose by providing customized data about the financial and environmental benefits of implementing regenerative agriculture practices.

Life Cycle Assessments

Evaluate the environmental impacts of an operation from start to finish with our comprehensive life cycle assessments (LCAs) using industry specific methodology and research.

GHG Inventory Assessments

Measure your Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions to provide a complete emissions analysis and identify areas for improvement throughout your operations and supply chain.

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