EcoPractices® Platform Delivers Tremendous Value to McCarty Family Farms

Sustainable Environmental Consultants EcoPractices Platform Delivers Tremendous Value to McCarty Family Farms in a Global Marketplace

Sustainability is a fundamental focus for McCarty Family Farms. McCarty Family Farms milks 8,100 cows on its four dairies – three in western Kansas and one in Nebraska. All the milk from their dairies goes to Dannon to make yogurt.

“It is more than lip service,” said Ken McCarty, who oversees all sustainability efforts. “We truly have a passion for making the world a better place, and we can demonstrate it.”

The primary way they demonstrate it is that McCarty Family Farms uses Sustainable Environmental Consultants’ (SEC) EcoPractices third-party verification and validation platform to quantify and explain the environmental practices they do on their farm.

McCarty Family

“Many things we do on the farm are highly complex,” said Ken. “EcoPractices is one of the original third-party holistic sustainability platforms. It helps us put our science-based environmental practices into relatable terms that are easier for consumers to understand.”

And, as Ken well understands, it is a global marketplace. He believes having data-based insights and measurable metrics levels the playing field and brings tremendous value.

“Sustainability is a global initiative that rings true from Morocco to Africa to here at home,” said Ken. “From a consumer in our region to a consumer on the coast, we need to be appealing and understandable worldwide for a diversified consumer base.”

The EcoPractices platform helps McCarty Family Farms by aligning with the strategic sustainability initiatives that Danone has created in North America and globally. They can focus their efforts to be impactful for the short- and long-term that has relevance for their end customers.

For example, they ensure that the feed ingredients they feed the cows on their dairies don’t include palm oil so as not to contribute to rainforest destruction. And, the EcoPractices platform provides them with a sustainability analysis report that helps them quantify water reclamation, soil health, and carbon footprint reduction.

“It allows us to be more strategic and efficient,” said Ken. “It allows us to be able to tell the story from the soil that feeds our cows all the way to the consumers’ kitchen tables. And in turn, they can make more informed and responsible buying decisions.”

McCarty Family Farms has been a Sustainable Environmental Consultants client since 2009. They also use SEC’s Agricultural Engineering and Compliance services to ensure they are in compliance with local, state, and federal standards in an ever-changing regulatory environment.