Sustainability Risk Management

It Takes a Farm-to-Fork Approach to Mitigate Your Risks, and We Can Help You Do It

Do you need to differentiate sustainably sourced goods?

Powered by EcoPractices®, Sustainable Environmental Consultants offers solutions to help you mitigate risks and measure your sustainability practices and goals.

Are you concerned about supply chain sustainability risk?

Meeting the needs of future generations with regards to use and waste of natural resources is a key risk issue for all industries.

Are your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goals verified by a third party?

Using a third-party verification system increases data reliability and delivers a competitive advantage while protecting your reputation and brand. 

Are you pressured by environmental compliance rules and regulations?

Our team is knowledgeable in regulatory compliance, environmental design, groundwater protection, soil health, Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) practice standards, and many other disciplines.

In today’s environment, consumers want to know their food is safe, affordable, transparent, and sustainably sourced. And, when it comes to food, those needs are rooted in product transparency and sustainability.

That means food companies will need to verify their supply chain is using sustainable practices. These consumer-driven concerns require a “farm to fork” or holistic food system approach to evaluating environmental risks.

At Sustainable Environmental Consultants, sustainability risk management was added to our portfolio of services after seeing the need to help agriculture and food companies integrate sustainability into their core business decision-making systems. We can provide a full range of environmental services needed by food companies and their agriculture supply systems, as well as other industries concerned about their sustainability risk.

Powered by our EcoPractices® platform and backed by a highly specialized team of agricultural engineers, scientists, and conservation planners, we can help companies protect their reputation and the financial health of their business on their journey to sustainability success.

The Powered by EcoPractices platform… it’s the heart of Sustainable Environmental Consultants’ (SEC) comprehensive sustainability risk management program.

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For those involved in the business of producing food, we know there is a variety of traditional, non-traditional, and emerging risks you must stay vigilant about.

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EcoPractices is not agriculture verifying agriculture. It is also not a checklist system. What is it? It’s an independent, third-party verification platform that uses state-of-the-art technology with science as its foundation.

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One of the key pillars of the EcoPractices® analysis process is to generate a Sustainable Continuous Improvement Plan™ (SCIP) that encourages the use of sustainable best management practices to improve environmental and economic sustainability.

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Consumers demand it, and with EcoPractices you can prove it. Plus, the EcoPractices reporting features make it easy for you to tell your sustainability story and share it with your customers and shareholders.

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Ecotags are the measurable, compliance-driven method for farmers, ranchers, and organizations to work collectively for the common goal of preserving the environment.

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