Ecotags Demonstrate Your Investment in Sustainability Practices

Certified Ecotag

Ecotags are the measurable, compliance-driven method for farmers, ranchers, and organizations to work collectively for the common goal of preserving the environment. It allows interested organizations to help fund sustainability efforts while offering direct documentation and third-party proof.

The EcoPractices® platform produces Ecotags attributed to the measurable environmental impacts of a specific conservation practice that is implemented. Some of these practices include cover crops, conservation tillage practices, bioreactors, and methane digesters. It also provides an explanation of the practice and its environmental benefits attributed to accepted sources, including government and/or university research.

Each Ecotag is assigned a unique number that links it to its associated documentation trail, where data is stored and updated each year.

Ecotags can be marketed to a buyer to assist a producer with reducing their sustainable practice implementation cost. In exchange, the buyer benefits from obtaining the positive environmental impact generated through an Ecotag, which can then be used in their sustainability reporting.

With the assistance of the EcoPractices marketing toolkit, the buyer can spread the news of their commitment to sustainability to the public. The marketing toolkit includes proof of purchase, social media posts, press releases, an image library, and logo and certification symbol for your customization.