Curtis Janssen
Curtis Janssen

Curtis Janssen, PE

Professional Engineer

“My passion is fueled by the sheer enjoyment of working in the ag sector of which I grew up in and have always been involved. It is rewarding that Sustainable Environmental Consultants allows us the freedom to provide outside-the-box solutions to conservation issues facing our customers.”

Curtis is a professional engineer for the Ag Engineering and Compliance Division. He is licensed in Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska, and Minnesota. He serves as an advisor to SEC on Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) conservation activities and as the lead engineer for assistance to the Watershed Districts in Kansas.

Curtis joined the SEC team in 2017 following a 30-plus year career at NRCS in Kansas. He worked as an area engineer planning, designing, and implementing conservation practices for producers.  He also worked with watershed districts implementing and maintaining flood control dams. He finished his career at NRCS as the state conservation engineer in Kansas responsible for the entire NRCS engineering program throughout the state. He likes applying the knowledge he gained in his government career to the private sector.

He believes one of the critical challenges facing SEC customers is finding funding avenues for implementing conservation work. By getting agribusiness and food companies involved in funding along with producers is a win-win for everyone.

“The opportunity to marry the food industry using the EcoPractices® platform with producers who need the funding to do the work is tremendous,” said Curtis. “There is unlimited opportunity for producers to use SEC to design and implement work that they need and then validate sustainability benefits for agribusiness and food companies – the sky is the limit.”

He holds a bachelor’s degree in agricultural engineering from Kansas State University. He became a licensed professional engineer in 1989.

In his spare time, Curtis is active in his church. He enjoys doing things on his farm and attending to his wife’s honey-do projects. He also enjoys bike riding, bird hunting, fishing, middle school and high school sports, and all things K-State.