Jared Stander

Agriculture Data Specialist

“Benefitting the lives of future generations through sustainable agriculture is important work that I am excited to be a part of. I enjoy learning about different farming practices across the country and developing data-driven solutions to improve their efficiencies in a sustainable manner.”

Agriculture data specialist Jared Stander joined the Sustainable Environmental Consultants (SEC) team in May 2022. In this role, Jared works with the EcoPractices® team on agricultural sustainability projects. Through data collection, reporting and precision agriculture expertise, Jared supports producers in their journey to more sustainable practices.

Growing up on a row crop farm in Nebraska, Jared developed a passion for agriculture. He built relationships with other farmers in the community and grew a deep understanding of their values and challenges. This knowledge influenced Jared to seek a career in helping producers with their operational efficiencies.

Jared graduated from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln (UNL) where he majored in agronomy with a minor in precision agriculture. In his time at UNL, he competed on the weeds and crops team and completed internships in crop scouting and research. Following graduation, Jared was approached by a former professor and was offered the position of UNL’s crop judging coach where he gained experience in identifying and managing a diverse set of crops grown throughout the country.

In his spare time, Jared leads an active lifestyle of going to movies, playing in volleyball leagues, water and snow skiing and spending time with loved ones.