John Harsch

John Harsch

President, COO

“At Sustainable Environmental Consultants, our values start with working safely every day. We want our clients to know our team is there for them, and we will always be on the leading edge of quality and integrity in the work we do on their behalf.”

As president, John Harsch brings a passion for the environment, combined with a strong work ethic and a common-sense approach, to lead Sustainable Environmental Consultants (SEC) and set the strategic direction for its three divisions – all designed with sustainability in mind. He grew up in agriculture and is involved in his family’s farming and ranch operation, providing him his strong appreciation for natural resources and the vision to grow a company with sustainability at its foundation.

John and the SEC team he leads help define what sustainability means for its clients through its innovative sustainability platform, EcoPractices, which quantifies the good work happening from farm to fork day in and day out. He knows consumers are demanding transparency, and it’s rewarding for him to see the impact SEC has for companies looking for solutions to protect their business and the clients they serve.

“Recognizing Responsibility is our tagline for a reason,” said John. “We know there are many issues our clients face, and at SEC, we help them manage the non-traditional risk factors – everything from reputation risk, protecting the supply chain, regulatory factors, and more.”

John brings to the business more than 25 years of experience in environmental practices, natural resources, and conservation. He has been instrumental in SEC’s growth since starting the company in 2008 with three other investors, where its first line of business was agricultural engineering. He helped move the company into erosion control by becoming a certified Filtrexx manufacturer. He also was integral in putting together the agreement to join Wright Service Corp. and become part of an employee-owned family of companies. After recognizing the need, sustainability risk management was added to SEC’s portfolio of service offerings in 2018.

Before SEC, John worked in the water quality and waste management sectors, solidifying his knowledge of regulatory compliance, stormwater best management practices, and carbon footprint reduction. He has an extensive background working in environmental compliance management and with local, state, and federal environmental regulations. He also spent time in the dairy industry working for Midwest Dairy Association, where he was introduced to the term “sustainability” and how it impacted the entire supply chain giving him the drive to start his own company.

John is an avid sports fan and enjoys spending time on the ranch with his family and watching his kids play sports.