[#Beginning of Shooting Data Section]
Image Size:L (8256 x 5504), FX
2019/10/01 10:38:01.42
Time Zone and Date:UTC-6, DST:OFF
Jpeg Fine (8-bit)
Nikon D850
Lens:VR 70-200mm f/2.8G
Focal Length:200mm
Focus Mode:AF-S
AF-Area Mode:Single
AF Fine Tune:OFF
Shutter Speed:1/125s
Exposure Mode:Manual
Exposure Comp.:0EV
Exposure Tuning:
ISO Sensitivity:ISO 100
White Balance:Color Temp. (5000K), 0, M0.75
Color Space:sRGB
High ISO NR:ON (Normal)
Long Exposure NR:OFF
Active D-Lighting:Normal
Vignette Control:Normal
Auto Distortion Control:OFF
Picture Control:[SD] STANDARD
Quick Adjust: 0.00
Contrast: 0.00
Brightness: 0.00
Saturation: 0.00
Hue: 0.00
Filter Effects:
Optimize Image:
Color Mode:
Tone Comp.:
Hue Adjustment:
Altitude Reference:
Map Datum:
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Katie Catron

Agronomist and Soil Scientist

“What fuels my passion for sustainability is the passion other people have for caring for the environment and improving it. I like the thought of people coming together to want to make our world’s environment better.”

Katie Catron joined the Sustainable Environmental Consultants (SEC) team in 2019 as an Ag Precision Data Specialist intern during her final year at Iowa State University. After graduation she started a new role as Agronomist and Soil Scientist. Working with the EcoPractices platform, she is responsible for assessing and entering data, assisting with creating reports, and providing client support. She supports the SEC team in the pursuit of reaching a variety of audiences across the agriculture industry with the data needed to move the needle on sustainable practices that impact soil health, water quality, biodiversity, and beyond.

Katie has a passion for sustainability and working with others that share a similar desire to pursue the change needed to better our environment. Katie is excited to be a part of the SEC team full time as she sees the need for the services the company provides to the industry and the opportunities on the horizon.

Katie earned her bachelor’s degree in agronomy and global resource systems from Iowa State University (ISU). During her time at Iowa State, she held various internships. She traveled to the U.S. Virgin Islands with the ISU EARTH Program where she worked with local schools to develop a garden program and established an efficient drip irrigation system, a horticulture best management practice. Katie also worked locally at Iowa Soybean Association with the On-Farm team providing agronomic support to local Iowa farmers. She was awarded the Global Resource Systems Scholar Award in 2016 and earned her American FFA Degree in 2017.

She is an active member in the American Society of Agronomy (ASA)Soil Science Society of America (SSSA), and the Crop Science Society of America (CSSA). In 2020, she earned the ISU Agronomy Department’s International Scholar Award for her studies abroad. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time outdoors and with her friends and family. She is looking forward to beginning her career, pursuing her passion for sustainable agriculture.