Myla Meyer

Agriculture Communications Specialist

“I am one hand within a project’s path from conception to conclusion. Our unique roles and skills allow us to each put forth our best within each project. My role allows me to compile data into a report that goes out to clients, producers, investors, etc. The most rewarding part of my job is seeing all the data, and the hard work behind it, come to fruition in a report to share the story.”

Myla Meyer joined the Sustainable Environmental Consultants (SEC) team in 2020 as an agriculture communications specialist, supporting our Sustainability Risk Management division. In her role, she is responsible for communicating the outcomes from our EcoPractices platform in different formats such as reports, graphics, and presentation materials. She creatively combines expertise and innovation to provide transparency and integrity from producer to consumer, communicating the science behind sustainability projects to multiple audiences.

Agriculture education is very near and dear to Myla. She grew up in Northeast Iowa on a farm that has been in her family for over 100 years. Immersed in the realm of agriculture her entire life, Myla cannot imagine herself anywhere else. The agriculture community is truly a part of who she is, it has shaped her and driven her to pursue a career within the industry. In working with our EcoPractices platform, Myla assists in communicating the value of on farm sustainability practices. The platform equips our clients with the resources and data they need to illuminate current process and accelerate adoption of sustainable practices within their operation and within the supply chain, empowering the ability to bridge the communication gap between producers and consumers.

Myla holds a bachelor’s degree in agriculture and life sciences education with a minor in agronomy from Iowa State University (ISU). During her time at ISU, she completed a dual internship, working part time for both the Iowa Egg Council in Urbandale, Iowa, and the Egg Industry Center in Ames, Iowa. She was awarded an Iowa FFA State Degree in 2013 and an American FFA Degree in 2016. Myla continues to work at her home farm in Charles City, Iowa when she is able during planting and harvest season.

In her spare time, she enjoys browsing the local library for a good book, spending quality time with friends and family, and eating Vietnamese food.