Nick Meirick

Agronomy Support Specialist

“Being in an innovative environment gives me the opportunity to make a difference for an industry that I am passionate about. Growing up on a farm I learned the importance that the agriculture industry has on our everyday lives and the need to enlighten others.”

Growing up on a row crop and pork production operation in Northeast Iowa, Nick Meirick has a passion for helping businesses have greater efficiency, more transparency and reduced risk that allow more opportunities for farmers and a better world for consumers. He enjoys working with people who want to improve the agricultural industry and want to work toward a more sustainable future.

Joining Sustainable Environmental Consultants (SEC) in January 2020 as an agronomy support specialist, Nick brings a unique skill set to the team with various ag experiences. He has an ability to work with a multitude of records and data from producers and translate that into the specific data needed to drive outcomes. In his role with the Sustainability Risk Management division, he works on a variety of projects. He has been actively involved in the EcoPractices economic model helping drive a return on investment for evaluating not only the environmental impact but the economic impact for operations looking at sustainable practices that support more regenerative practices. Nick believes in an ever-changing market; farmers need to make informed decisions. Working with SEC, we can illustrate the importance of environmental and economic sustainability with transparency for our industry.

Nick has a bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Northern Iowa (UNI). During his time at UNI he studied how globalism impacts international economics while abroad in Rio De Janeiro. He also served on the president’s council for the economics club, traveling to UNI’s sister school in Shanghai, to serve as a student ambassador, another engagement opportunity for international economics.

In his spare time, he enjoys spending biking outdoors and cooking. He also has a passion for travel.