Shannon Lux

Shannon Lux

Operations Manager

“In my previous job in the building industry, I saw a lot of waste with little regard to how certain practices would affect future resources for our children and grandchildren. I believe what the Sustainable Environmental Consultants team does supports our mission to create a more sustainable future and make a positive impact on our environment.”

As the operations manager for Sustainable Environmental Consultant’s (SEC) Erosion Control division, Shannon Lux oversees the production, logistics, and quality control of the Filtrexx® line of products and is responsible for building relationships with current and prospective clients. He has been with SEC since 2011 and has helped position the company as a premier manufacturer of SiltSoxx™ in Kansas, Iowa, and Texas.

During his time at SEC, Shannon has seen a growing change in the culture where cities, counties and states have become increasingly concerned with the environmental impact construction projects are having on water bodies.

“Filtrexx® is proving to be a superior best management practice,” said Shannon. “As engineers and municipalities have become more aware of the environmental benefits, I’m seeing an increased demand for our products.”

Before joining SEC, Shannon spent 23 years working for a building supply company managing production, scheduling, quality control, contractor relations, purchasing and distribution.

In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with family and friends, fishing, and hunting. He also is passionate about racing and has done some dirt track racing.