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Shelby Duncan


“My goal is to help farmers realize the positive impacts that they can have on the environment. Farmers hold great potential in this space, and I am thrilled to combine my passion for both agriculture and environmentalism to help them succeed.”

Agronomist Shelby Duncan joined the Sustainable Environmental Consultants (SEC) team in May 2022. In this role, Shelby works with the EcoPractices® team. She is responsible for managing agronomic and livestock data, generating reports, providing client support and recommendations, and utilizing a variety of precision agriculture software to aid in sustainability projects.

Growing up, Shelby spent summers assisting her grandfather on his row crop farm. This experience, along with an interest in soil sciences, motivated Shelby to study agronomy in college.  She attended Iowa State University (ISU) where she was a member of the agronomy club and the crop and soil judging teams. Additionally, she held internships with Heartland Cooperative and WinField United before graduating Cum Laude in May of 2018.

Shelby grew a particular interest in water quality and conservation while at ISU and went on to pursue further research and studies in these fields at South Dakota State University (SDSU). Her master’s program focused on bioreactors, an edge-of-field conservation practice that filters water to remove nutrients to protect water quality. She graduated from the program in May of 2022, earning her Master of Science in agricultural and biosystems engineering.

In her spare time, Shelby enjoys riding her motorcycle, hiking and playing with her dogs.