Zack Lux

Zack Lux

Sales and Support

“The most rewarding part of my job is knowing we are improving the environment with every Soxx™ that is on the ground.”

In his role of sales and support for Sustainable Environmental Consultants (SEC) Erosion Control division, Zack Lux manufactures Filtrexx® Siltsoxx™ products, sells finished compost, and assists with daily duties around the mill. He ensures quality control to guarantee that clients are getting the product they are expecting. He joined the SEC team in 2017.

Zack believes Filtrexx® is a superior product and sees future growth in the market, which could launch additional opportunities and the introduction of more products for various erosion control needs to new clients.

Before joining SEC, Zack worked for Shawnee County Public Works where his responsibilities included ensuring all the assigned areas were mowed and well maintained.

In his spare time, Zack coaches the local high school football team and enjoys the outdoors.