Success Stories

It’s our mission to connect organizations and individuals to be leaders in protecting the environment by providing innovative sustainability solutions that transform our customers’ success, our communities, and the planet. Here, we share those success stories with you.

Looking at Manure as a Resource

From the color to the smell, manure does not have the best reputation. However, it proves to be a powerful resource, and one that is abundant on dairy farms. There are multiple benefits to using manure as a soil amendment, which builds organic matter and replenishes nutrients. Manure is a variable source of nutrients because…
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Independent Verification of Food Supply Chain Sustainability Practices Is More Important Than Ever for Today’s Purpose-Driven Buyer

Consumer-driven concerns require a “farm to fork” or food system approach to evaluating environmental impact risk. Consumers today want to know their food is safe, affordable, transparent and sustainably sourced.
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McCarty Family

EcoPractices® Platform Delivers Tremendous Value to McCarty Family Farms

The EcoPractices platform helps McCarty Family Farms by aligning with the strategic sustainability initiatives that Danone has created in North America and globally.
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Food System Risk

Why Sustainability Risk Management Services Matter More Than Ever

Simply put sustainability is about our future generations and the kind of world we will leave them. Meeting the needs of future generations with regards to use and waste of natural resources is a key risk issue for all industries but never has it been more critical than for agriculture and our food system.
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